The year that will be...

Looking ahead at 2019


Jan 9, 2019 | Feature

We’ve taken a trip into the mystical realms to predict the internal communications trends of 2019.


Here at W&P, our gifted futurologists have been consulting the Oracle, reading the astrological Internal Communications and Employee Experience charts, and generally sticking a metaphorical, mystic finger in the air.

The mist has cleared from our crystal balls revealing a rollercoaster year of exciting developments, contradictions and general confusion. Here, we offer up our top seven communication and engagement predictions for the year…* 

So, with accuracy as predictable as pinning the tail on a moving donkey, here goes…

1) To Brexit or not…

Someone, at some point (our soothsayers predict just before March), will actually communicate their organisation’s views and response to:

a) Leaving the EU with a deal
b) Not leaving, and either smirking or sulking about it  
c) Crashing out of the EU and having to sweep up the mess
d) Having another go at it, or another election – “Oh, not anuvver one!”

Alternatively, we have seen some hazy visions of business pulling the corporate duvet over its head and just staying in bed until it all blows over.

2) Two become one…

In the year the Spice Girls hit the road for their ‘comeback of the comeback tour’, the stars align and predict a similar reunion. We see the relationship between customer experience and employee experience become even more intimate. 

Love will blossom further as both fall deeper for each other’s charms. But watch out Employee Experience! With a rampant Sagittarius and a bullish Taurus in the tea shop constellation of love, there’s bound to be some miscommunication!

3) Facing the music…

If you thought 2018 was a tough year for social media, the astronomical data charts reveals that last year’s dodgy data revelations only scratched the surface. For this prediction, we splashed out, recruiting the renowned and highly (dis)respected data analysts, ‘Oxfordcambridgeshire Analytix’, to plot and map 2019’s predictions. 

Unfortunately, they sold on our star signs and psychic profiles to
a dubious data-mining company…

What they did tell us, secretly, is there’s a high probability there are more leaks to come!

4) Experience is everything…

We foresee that in 2019 the taste for sharing, communicating and learning through events and experiences will increase even further. Plugging into our millennial’s viewpoint that any kind of experience is good, we comfortably and proudly predict that everything will become an experience, from changes to the corporate car parking rules to major strategic plans for the coming year. 

5) Measuring up…

Similar to 2016, 2017 and 2018, in 2019 ‘measurement’ will be everything! A descending Pisces in the house of Gemini clearly shows it will be every communicator’s key focus. We will devote many hours of discussion and debate on evaluation, as well as attending conferences where we will earnestly discuss its strategic value to your business.

Then everyone will go down the pub and forget all about it…

6) Visionary but volatile…

Those with the smartest, most visionary comms plans, backed by insightful evaluation and underscored with a sophisticated engagement strategy, will win through in 2019. Only for it all to be lost due to an inappropriate comment posted on social media by a drunken employee late one Friday night.

7) And finally…

We see a bright future in 2019 for communicators. If they’re brave, get creative and support their people through the tough times, the rewards, and awards, will be abundant (even if it’s a funny shaped piece of glass). 

From our psychic Internal Communications’ surveyors here at Words&Pictures, we wish you all a fruitful and exciting year ahead!

*Please note. While all sensible attempts, within the realm of magic and astrology, have been taken to ensure the accuracy of our predictions, we cannot be held responsible for any unfulfilled prophecies or lack of unicorns in 2019.

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