Banish the blues

Don’t worry, be happy


Jan 21, 2019 | Feature

Brighten up your ‘Blue Monday’ with our
get-up-and-go guide

Feeling blue? You’re not the only one!

The post-Christmas lull, unpaid credit card bills, broken New Year’s resolutions and cold dark nights can all add up to a collective feeling of despondency.

So much so that the third Monday of January, which this year falls on the 21st, has been given the joyless title, ‘Blue Monday’. Apparently, it’s the most depressing day of the year… On top of that, you might be doing ‘Dry January’, your jeans are too tight and you’re on a diet. 

If that all sounds rather dispiriting – cheer up! We’re debunking the Blue Monday myth and embracing ways to feel better, in mind and in body.

Good news

For a start, you might feel better knowing that there is no science to back up ‘Blue Monday’. The idea was purely a PR stunt, dreamt up by a British travel company to encourage people to book a holiday. Tenerife, anyone?

But most of us can’t afford to take a winter break (remember those pesky credit card bills?). Instead, we’re looking at injecting a little sunshine into our lives in other ways, both on a personal level and in the workplace.

Wellbeing and mental health, of course, are always at the forefront of conversation and communications. If your office is feeling slightly glum, effective communications can inspire colleagues to take positive action, provide practical solutions, or offer them the support they might need.

Here at Words&Pictures, for example, we have our very own ‘Social Legends’ who organise fun events and teambuilding activities throughout the year. From bake-offs and birthday celebrations to craft sessions and nights out, their events bring the team together and lift the spirits.

Cuppa cheer

Or, why not take time for a cuppa and a chat? The Samaritans’ nationwide event today, ‘Brew Monday’, encourages people to do just that, while raising funds for their life-saving work. If a friend or colleague is feeling depressed or lonely, it might just make the world of difference.

With that in mind, we got together over a heartwarming cup of tea, and came up with our very own ‘good mood’ board. Feel free to pass it on…

> Be kind to yourself – relax and do things you enjoy

> Catch up with family and friends

> Do a digital detox – put your phone away on an evening, or even over the weekend

> Get plenty of exercise – go for a run, join a Pilates class, or just go for a walk (dog optional)

> Help others – (bonus: it makes YOU feel good too!)

> Snuggle up with a good book

> Try meditation

> Take your lunch break


Here’s to a not-so-blue Monday after all!

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