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Be Eventiv…

The new reality of Covid-19 means companies are adapting to new rules. ‘Face-to-face’ and ‘communal’ are not possible right now. Organisations still need to engage with their people via events and develop them through training. The question is how?

No Compromise On Engagement

Eventiv, in collaboration with digital/video partners Superla, is an innovative, adaptable virtual environment package providing the immersive experience of live interaction. All from the comfort of your home.

Highly adaptable, Eventiv is designed with the engagement of senior leadership, L&D teams, HR and corporate comms in mind. Its applications range from virtual conferences, management events, training to digital ‘hands on’ experiences. It combines the essential communication building blocks of a live experience with cutting-edge technology bringing your corporate messaging to life in a dynamic, absorbing way.

Complete Virtual Event Package 

Our Eventiv package provides strategic communications, content and creative support. Pre-event, during the event and post-event embedding comms ensures you receive maximum impact for your virtual conference or training experience.

• Powerful content that helps embed your messaging
• Bespoke creative that fires your people’s imagination lingering long after the session
• Enhance your existing content and training.

Here’s How It Works…

Eventiv is a practical and imaginative solution. It’s allows your team to explore uniquely-themed, branded virtual environments where attendees access information, activities, interact and network in communication zones.

Built on game engine technology, attendees can:

 See live keynote speeches, videos and interactive presentations
 Enter presentation/training rooms/virtual business stream stands
 Take part in live Q&As and discussions
 Get hands-on via gamification pods.

Functionality gives you control of the entire user experience, allowing ‘handing over’ between multiple hosts. You can access metrics for engagement rates with specific content or how individuals are interact and respond to training.

Your Event & Environment

Our experiential space can incorporate virtual reality, interactive video, integrate your social feeds plus host live reporting for on-the-day news, reports, interviews and comments. It can house resources, embed and share learning including toolkits viewed online or downloaded to support cascade.

A highly adaptable environment, Eventiv brings your messages to life. Hold your event in a typical conference/meeting space or what about a spaceship or mega city world? The only limit is your team’s imagination. Whatever theme you apply, our smart, media and functionally-rich solution will change the way people see live events.

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