"93% of managers stated they’d changed the way they do their role."

intu | EVP & Employer Brand

Creating ‘joyful’ experiences for all

Reinvigorating colleague understanding of intu’s ‘We make joy’ brand, and helping them bring joy into their work

The Challenge

intu owns and manages some of the UK’s and Spain’s busiest shopping destinations, so they’re all about great customer experiences. But the brand no longer felt ‘standout’ for its 3,000 colleagues. By refreshing and reinvigorating their understanding of its ‘joy’ principles, the company wanted to encourage behaviours that would create better experiences for all.

The Solution

We collaborated with intu to develop a continuous engagement campaign. In the first phase, we planned and led ‘We make joy’ workshops for managers, creating activities such as an over-sized board game to help them understand the four ‘joy’ pillars. Phase two enabled managers to run their own sessions and lead a 12-week programme of pillar-themed engagement activities for teams.

The Result

Managers responded extremely positively to the phase one workshops, 93% stating that they had made changes to their work as a result. Following the phase two sessions, colleagues pledged to ‘make joy’, something now integrated into the annual, personal development process. All teams have since been taking part in regular activities designed to bring joy to their work and to customers.

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> Solution:
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> Result:
A foundation on which to build an inspiring identity for the entire UK apprenticeship programme.

Anchor Hanover

> Challenge:
To develop an engaging, fresh-look magazine for colleagues of the major new care provider Anchor Hanover

> Solution:
arch – a new, three times a year magazine with a celebratory tone of voice, look and feel

> Results:
Thanks in part to arch, 91% of Anchor Hanover colleagues said they understand how they contribute to the new company’s success.

Direct Line Group

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> Solution: An engaging, design-led workspace

> Result: More colleague collaboration and involvement in DLG communications

Southeastern Safety Campaign

> Challenge: Revitalise the safety culture among Southeastern colleagues.

> Solution: A fun and engaging campaign, encouraging colleagues to become safety champions.

> Result: Greater awareness and personal responsibility for safety at work.


> Challenge: Helping to improve awareness and understanding of easyJet’s customer experience for their 8,000 employees

> Solution: An interactive, multi-channel campaign to cascade the strategy – and get easyJet people talking about it

> Result: 89% of easyJet people understand how their role contributes to the company’s success


> Challenge: To refresh and reinvigorate employees’ understanding of intu’s ‘joy’ principles.

> Solution: A campaign of workshops and team activities that help colleagues bring ‘joy’ to life.

> Result: High manager engagement plus regular all-staff activities designed to encourage joy in people’s daily work.


> Challenge: A game-changing approach to connecting with 4,278 employees across the railway network from Kent to central London

> Solution: The Southeastern Standard colleague newspaper

> Result: 100% positive feedback on the newspaper’s launch issue

Northumbrian Water Group

> Challenge: Getting colleagues to make safety a part of everything they do

> Solution: A 15-minute virtual reality experience to bring potential hazards to life

> Result: Colleagues are more aware of potential safety risks – and they’re carrying out safety checks unprompted

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> Challenge: To connect 30,000 employees to the global strategy

> Solution: ‘Our route to a smarter world’

> Result: Teams worldwide understand their role in delivering the strategy


> Challenge: To promote Britvic’s new intranet as a tool to help colleagues to do their jobs easily

> Solution: A straight-talking, guerrilla-style campaign

> Result: 63% of Britvic colleagues viewed the communications in the first three days