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Because great teams begin and end with great communication

We’re on a mission to help organisations build strong connections with their people from before they join through to the day they leave. That’s why we develop solutions that educate, engage and inspire colleagues at each stage of their career.

Lifetime Employer Communications™

Awareness, Attraction & Recruitment

You want to sow the seeds of curiosity among the employees of tomorrow. And you want to be the stand-out career choice for the recruits of today. Whatever your focus, we can help you connect with young people and new pools of talent. Think inspiring creative concepts and solutions, from curriculum-mapped classroom sessions to cutting-edge graduate and apprentice programmes.

Employee engagement

“The most deeply motivated people hitch their desires to a cause larger than themselves,” says Daniel Pink in his bestseller Drive. For HR and corporate comms teams, that means sharing a purpose and plan people can believe in, nurturing a culture that welcomes ideas and investing in people’s ability to make a difference.

We’ve 25 years’ experience in exactly this. Developing award-winning solutions that begin with strategic narratives and on-boarding tools, and build into powerful multi-channel solutions – from colleague publications and digital hubs to videos and animations.

Employee experience

Forward-looking HR departments know that retaining talent means offering an outstanding employee experience – one where people feel valued, able to celebrate performance, and where they can advance their careers.

Our response is to create exciting propositions wherever they’re needed – from demonstrating the transformative power of diversity, and encouraging participation in L&D and wellbeing programmes, to creating branded workplaces that people love and designing events that leave a lasting impression. And when it comes to creating an overarching employee value proposition, we can step back and offer insightful perspective and creative resourcefulness too.

Corporate social responsibility

Demonstrating your purpose in action can be a powerful driver of engagement, and this is where we can help. That can be saving lives through a customer awareness campaign, reducing environmental impact by changing behaviours or simply celebrating the difference colleagues are making in the community.

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