Love what you do

Work is about so much more than just the job you do

Feb 14, 2020 | Feature

Make the days matter

From your colleagues to your benefits, there are so many things that can make a difference to how you feel about your job, and how you spend your days. 


Think outside the job

Think about what your job allows you to do outside of work. Perhaps you have great flexible working options so you can do the school run, or you get time to study. Focusing on the things you like about your job will help you to bring a more positive attitude to the areas you might not enjoy as much.


Break better

Make the most of your breaks, they’re a great opportunity to take a bit of time out and clear your mind. Grab a coffee or lunch with one of your colleagues, maybe even go to the gym or go for a run, if you can. Better breaks will inspire better work, and you’ll be happier overall.


Seize the way

Climbing the career ladder is an admirable goal, but there are other ways to develop, so make the most of all the opportunities you have to hand. Whether that’s studying and earning further qualifications or developing your understanding of your local community through volunteering, collectively it will help you to progress both in and out of work.


Make a connection

Whatever job you do, chances are you’ll work as part of a team, so getting to know your colleagues can only make your working life more enjoyable. Being able to share a joke or swap a story will make your time at work much more enjoyable, and you’ll be building connections that could last a lifetime.


Get involved

Being passive can only get you so far, so if there are changes you’d like to see, be proactive. You could join an employee forum or a diversity and inclusion programme. Whatever you choose to do, follow your passions and actively involve yourself in activities that will make your workplace, and your working life, better.

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