Lifetime Employer Communications™


Because great teams begin and end with great communication

We’re on a mission to help organisations build strong connections with their people from before they join through to the day they leave. That’s why we develop solutions that educate, engage and inspire colleagues at each stage of their career.

LEC™ has delivered…


engagement increase


less absenteeism


increase as a great place to work

W&P campaign data, 2019

Lifetime Employer Communications™


Connect with young people and pools of new talent, to be the standout career choice for the colleagues and leaders of tomorrow.


Share a purpose and plan that people can believe in, setting clear expectations about their part in shaping the future.


Invest in people’s ability to make a difference, nurture a culture that welcomes ideas and celebrates success. 


Provide tools and support to help people excel day to day, plus information and inspiration to power their journey.

Duty of care

Demonstrate your social purpose, put it in action and create advocates within the wider community. 

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